Frequently Asked Questions


Who does the yoga?  Me or my dog?

You do yoga while your dog becomes either a participant or an observer.  Smaller dogs become weights, while the larger dogs become props – like a bolster found in yoga class.


I have never done yoga before.  How difficult is it?

DOGAFIT classes are beginner friendly; Level I classes.  These classes are taught by a registered yoga teacher with training and experience modifying the yoga poses to varying levels of experience and body types.  These classes are designed to calm, nurture and bond with your dog. *Please inform your DOGAFIT instructor of any injuries or medical conditions that either you or your dog have.


My Dog is extremely hyper, can he come to class?

This is a frequently asked question, but yes!  Dogs of all energy levels are welcome (as long as they are friendly with other dogs and people).  Please remember, high energy dogs need stimulation such as obedience training, and plenty of exercise. Walk your dog for 15 minutes prior to class.

  • Doga is not a substitute for these activities.
  • Your dog should be kept on a leash during class.
  • NO food or treats of any kind should be brought into the class!


What should I bring to class?

  • Dog Leash (do not bring a retractable leash; they can be difficult to work with during your practice with your pup.)
  • Yoga mat and blanket or towel
  • Your dog's vaccination records
  • Bottle of water for you and/or your dog is perfectly fine.  NO GLASS!